About Experience Romania

About Us

The 1st edition of Experience Romania was a great succes, as the largest independent project that promotes Romania and its beauties: be it nature, traditions, culture or fun and adventure.

Who Are We ?

The project is brought to life by a team of volunteers passionate about their country, a team made of Travel Massive volunteers, local traveler influencers, and local organizations.
Following the #ExperienceBucharest great success, 50 special guests, social media influencers from around the world, were invited last autumn to Experience Romania on a 2 weeks trip on Romania – Traditions and culture.

Between 23rd of October – 5th of November our guests have traveled through Moldavia, Bucovina, eastern Transylvania and Prahova Valley. The trip got them closer to Romanian customs, exploring old fortresses, showing around ancient churches, whilst being surrounded by the natural beauty of Romania. And nevertheless, explore more urban sites as we get closer to Bucharest.

And this is just the start of what it will be the biggest project promoting Romania. Stay tuned for more! In the future editions of Experience Romania our guests can experience:

Maramures and Banat with its old customs, the spectacular biodiversity of Delta Dunarii, the most incredible fun in Europe at the Black Sea, the magic stories about Dacians around Sarmisegetuza, not to mention the breathtaking views in Cazanele Dunarii.


The mission of this initiative is to position Romania as a favourite destination of travelers in Eastern Europe.


Objectives : 

  • Promoting the diversity of experiences that Romania can give to a unique audience of at least 10 milion people (age 18-70+)  in Europe, USA, South America and Asia.

  • Increasing the average of nights spent in Romania.

  • Creating valuable content on all media channels and social media.