Romania Roadmap: what to visit, where to stay and travel tips

Romania Roadmap: what to visit, where to stay and travel tips

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Visit Romania - Roadmap with what to see and do

We have already had the privilege of visiting Romania twice, the last of which was on a press trip with 50 more bloggers, vloggers, photographers and influencers by the hand of tour promoter #ExperienceRomania . The truth is that both times we return home truly dazzled by Romania and, as usual, we will share everything with you. So in this Romania tour you will find all the places you cannot miss on your first visit and many practical tips to help you plan your trip to fascinating Romania.

Visit Romania - Roadmap with what to see and do

Romania’s historical richness, combined with its delicious cuisine, its centuries-old traditions, its famous myths and legends and the disinterested sympathy of its people, are more than enough reasons to take you on Romania.

Visit Romania - Roadmap with what to see and do

But there is more, much more. The biggest cities are full of color, adorned with beautiful art nouveau architecture, and a dynamic and enthusiastic young population. On the Black Sea coast there are dream beaches, perfect for relaxing and in the countryside we are bombarded by sublime nature with towering mountains and breathtaking landscapes, fairytale castles and palaces and charming rural villages with a seal of authenticity. increasingly rare in Europe .

Visit Romania - Roadmap with what to see and do

Are you ready to embark on an amazing trip to the mysterious birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, the man who inspired Bram Stoker’s famous Dracula?

So come on, garlic is on us!

Visit Romania - Roadmap with what to see and do

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 Travel information and tips for visiting Romania

 Practical information

Language: Romanian

Capital: Bucharest

Currency: Leu – RON ( click to see exchange rate )

Time Zone: GMT +2

Romania area code: +40

Romania visa: Portuguese and Brazilian citizens do not need a visa to visit Slovenia (tourist stays up to 90 days)

 Cost of living

The cost of living in Romania is significantly lower than in Portugal, so it is possible to make a fantastic trip with little money. Accommodation and dining in restaurants are excellent value for money, and telecommunications and entrance to monuments are very cheap. Only fuel has similar prices to Portugal, but is still slightly cheaper.

Visit Romania Roadmap

To get an idea you can eat in a good restaurant for 5-10 € / person and stay in a 5 star hotel in Bucharest for just over 50 € / person with breakfast included. It’s enjoy while it lasts!

 Health and Hygienic Conditions

Romania has good health conditions and no vaccines are required to visit Romania. Tap water is potable and in most cities there are sources where you can fill your reusable water bottle, which avoids buying bottled water (the environment is grateful).

European citizens have access to healthcare and medical care in Romania’s public services using the European Health Insurance Card (CESD) . You will only have to pay the moderator fee like any Romanian citizen.

If you do not have CESD, or to guard against other setbacks (such as theft, lost luggage, trip cancellation, etc.) we recommend that you take out Travel Insurance . We were recently robbed in Sarajevo, losing a significant portion of our equipment, and if it were not for our travel insurance, we would have spent thousands of euros to replace that equipment.

 Travel Insurance Romania

Our choice of travel insurance is almost always in the World Nomads Explorer package. It’s quick and easy to do, 100% travel specialists, very cost-effective and socially responsible with the Footprints alliance, which raises funds and streamlines development projects for small communities. Click here to make a simulation of your trip to Romania .

 When to visit Romania

Romania is a large country, and as such has large differences in climate from region to region. The truth is that every season of the year has its charms in Romania, so the best time to visit depends a lot on your interests and the provinces you want to travel to.

Visit Romania Roadmap
Spring is our favorite season to visit Romania.

Spring and fall are great for visiting Bucharest , for outdoor sports in the Carpathians and for watching wildlife in the Danube Delta .

For those looking for the idyllic Black Sea beaches, summer is by far the best bet, with winter being the season of choice to enjoy Romania’s excellent sky tracks.

 How to get to Romania – flight tips

There are direct flights from Lisbon to Bucharest via Blue Air and Wizz several times a week for prices between 200-250 € roundtrip. If you do not mind making a stopover, you can arrange flights in the range of 150-200 € flying with companies like TAP or Lufthansa.

For the best prices we suggest that you do several simulations and book the flight at least three months in advance. Click to read our tips for buying cheap flights.

 Click to search for flights through Skyscanner

 Drive in Romania and car hire

Public transport in rural Romania is still very poor so, in our opinion, the best way to explore Romania is by road trip. Not only does it allow you to maximize your time, but stopping anywhere will allow you to enjoy beautiful scenery and less touristy places.

Regarding driving, it is important to note that Romania has few motorways, ie it will basically always drive on national roads, which makes travel time consuming. But look on the bright side: you save a lot on tolls and end up crossing remote rural villages and seeing landscapes you would never see otherwise.

If you would like to rent a car we recommend RentalCars (from the same group as, our reliable car booking platform. What we like about RentalCars is that it allows you to compare the prices of dozens of car rental companies (and thus find the best available price), and you can even cancel your rental at no charge up to 48h before departure. Click to see all car hire options.VagaWorlds Tip: If you choose to rent at RentalCars, you can also take out all risk insurance with them as it is significantly cheaper than when hired directly from the car rental company.

 Local tours and activities in Romania

If you do not want to rent a car in Romania, we strongly recommend that you take a local tour to explore some of Romania’s natural beauties and to visit places that lack efficient public transport.

Visit Romania - Roadmap with what to see and do

Below we put our favorite tours and activities of Romania from Bucharest . Click on their links to see the programs:

VagaWorlds Tip: When choosing tours, and because unforeseen events happen, always avoid booking tours that do not allow free cancellation. Give priority to tours and activities that have good reviews and allow you to cancel at least 48 hours in advance.

 Accommodation in Romania – Where to sleep

Teleferic Grand Hotel
Teleferic Grand Hotel – one of the most charming hotels in the Transylvania Alps

As we mentioned earlier, accommodation in Romania is very economical and if you look in advance you will find extraordinary hotels at discount prices. We therefore strongly recommend that you book your accommodation in advance through , as it allows you to cancel most reservations free of charge.

Throughout the itinerary we will suggest you our favorites – tested by us – and also add some suggestions of the best hotels in their locality, from cheap to luxury, which offer the best value for money.

 Click to see the best accommodation options in Romania

Romania Roadmap – 10 days with Romania’s main sights | Roadtrip

It is important to note that the number of days we suggest for the Romanian itinerary assumes that the trip is by car and does not include travel days from the place of origin to Romania and vice versa. Soon you will always have to add two more days for the return trip from your departure point to Bucharest, the start and end point of this 10 day tour to visit Romania. If you want to do this route using public transport, it is best to add at least a couple more days.

Visit Romania Roadmap

If you are our frequent reader, you already know that in our itineraries, the number of days is merely indicative. If you give up some of the activities we suggest or cut some points of interest, you can do this script in a week (but we warn you that you will have to make very painful cuts). If you want to do some more nature activities, such as trekking in the fabulous Carpathian Mountains, setting out to discover the colorful Moldova or simply relaxing on the Black Sea coast, add a few more days and extend this Romania itinerary to 15 days. Throughout the script we will make some suggestions in this regard.

 Day 1 of the itinerary to visit Romania: Bucharest

The first day of Romania’s road map is all about exploring the renewed Bucharest.

St. Anthony’s Church – Bucharest

Start the day on a tour of the Old Town’s historic center to see the city’s most iconic monuments , including the Curtea Veche Palace, St. Anthony’s Church, Biserica Zlatari, Macca-Vilacrosse Passage, the Romanian National Bank, the Pinacotecii Palace, the Stock Exchange Palace, the Stavropoleus Church and Monastery and the colorful Pasajul Victoria, a favorite of instagramers.

Visit Romania Roadmap
Parliament – Bucharest

In the afternoon, visit the colossal Palace of Parliament, the second largest state building in the world (only surpassed by the Pentagon) and stroll through Herastrau Park, a true oasis in the heart of Bucharest. Herastrau also hosts an open-air ethnographic museum that is a treat: the Romanian Village Museum. If you have time, be sure to visit.

If you are visiting Bucharest on a weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday between May and October), head for Piata Unirii at 9 pm at night: lights of a thousand colors point to the water spurts dancing to the beat of a musical concert , a beautiful show – and free

 Click to read more about Bucharest

 Where to Stay in Bucharest – Accommodation Suggestions

The JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel welcomed us on this last visit to Bucharest with all the glamor that Marriott has accustomed us to. The 5-star hotel has luxury services and facilities designed to meet all the needs of its guests. The rooms are super spacious and the buffet breakfast is amazing. And the prices are surprisingly low for a 5 star hotel.  Click for more information, read guest reviews and book your stay at JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel .

Within the value-for-money hotels, Novotel Bucharest City Center scores points. Staff, service and comfort receive ripped compliments. To be in the center of the action with all the comfort and tranquility, there is no better.

Still in the Palace of Parliament area, ibis Bucuresti Palatul Parlamentului is a hosting solution that meets all needs at the cheapest prices.

For those looking for a hostel, Pura Vida Sky Bar & Hostel  and Little Bucharest Old Town Hostel have a top location, right in the heart of Bucharest’s Old Town.

 Click to see more accommodation options in Bucharest

 Day 2 of the itinerary to visit Romania: Bucharest – Sinaia – Brasov

On the second day of this tour of Romania leave Bucharest and head for the mysterious region of Transylvania . Vampires we doubt you will find, but get ready to find some of Romania’s most beautiful villages, monuments and landscapes.

Visit Romania Roadmap
Peles Castle

We suggest your first stop in Transylvania is in Sinaia to visit Peles Castle, an impressive neo-renaissance palace set in the idyllic Carpathian mountains, once the summer residence of the Romanian royal family.

Visiting Peles Castle, continue your Romanian tour to the beautiful medieval city of Brasov. Spend the rest of the day exploring its charming historic center, where there is no shortage of lively squares, including Piata Sfatului, and colorful streets and alleys.

Piata Sfatului
Piata Sfatului – Brasov

Among the city’s highlights , the Black Cathedral stands out, but on the city’s skyline the medieval military fortifications and Brasov’s towering sign on the hillside of Mount Tampa are not in sight. Brasov’s walls were known as the “fortress of the seven bastions.” There are only a few of the dozens of bastions, gates, and towers left, but the White Tower, the Black Tower, and the Weavers’ Bastion are a must-visit.VagaWorlds Tip: If you don’t have your own transport, the best way to get to know the main places of interest around Brasov, such as Peles Castle, Dracula’s Castle and the Southern Carpathian Mountains (the Transylvania Alps) to a local tour. Click to see our favorite tour from Brasov, read reviews and make your reservation .

 Where to Stay in Brasov – Accommodation Suggestions

We suggest you stay near Brasov’s historic center as you can explore all the places of interest on foot.

The last time we spent the night in Brasov we were housed in the charming Hotel Bella Muzica , which is located right in the historic center, in a renovated 16th century neoclassical building. We were greeted with great sympathy and loved the delicious breakfast, already included in the price. Click for more information, read guest reviews and book your stay at Hotel Bella Muzica .

Two other accommodations we like very much in Brasov are the Belfort Hotel and the Drachenhaus . They are both well located, offer clean and comfortable rooms and a good breakfast.

 Click to see more accommodation options in Zagreb

 Day 3 of the itinerary to visit Romania: Brasov – Prejmer and Harman Fortified Churches – Bran Castle – Poiana Brasov

Today the day will be spent exploring the pearls of the Brasov region. Begin your third day of the Romanian itinerary with a visit to the Fortified Churches of Harman and Prejmer, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Prejmer Fortified Church

Both are worth visiting but if you can only go to one bet at Prejmer Fortified Church. The church is protected by a thick circular wall, 12 meters high and 5 meters thick and has about 300 divisions attached, where the groceries were kept and where the inhabitants lived during the siege times. Impressive!

Visiting fortified churches, the time has come to visit one of Transylvania’s biggest attractions: Bran Castle , better known by the name of Dracula’s Castle.

It seems that it was in this castle that Bram Stoker was inspired to create the creepy home of the world’s most famous vampire, but the truth is that there is serious doubt that Vlad the Impaler even resided in this castle.

Dracula’s Castle

But believe me, when you see the castle perched on a huge cliff and visit its secret rooms and passages you will be impressed and agree that it is the perfect setting for a horror story.

The third day of Romania’s itinerary ends in the middle of nature at the idyllic Poiana Brasov ski resort in the Carpathian Mountains. If the weather is right, take the opportunity to go hiking or mountain biking.VagaWorlds Tip: If you want to taste the traditional Carpathian cuisine, we suggest you dine at the cozy, traditional and picturesque Stana Turistica Sergiana . We love the food and the atmosphere!

 Where to Stay in Poiana Brasov – Accommodation Suggestions

The Teleferic Grand Hotel is one of the most charming hotels throughout Romania and is the perfect choice for accommodation in Poaina Brasov. Just a few meters from the ski lift with the slopes right next door, there is no better way for those looking for the adventure of winter sports in Romania. All spaces reflect a sense of warmth and immediate comfort. We loved the predominance of wood in the decorative elements of the room – spacious, well acclimatized and spotlessly clean. Beyond the feeling of home away from home, it perfectly conveys the feeling of truly vacationing in that dream mountain home. Click for more information, read guest reviews and book your stay at Teleferic Grand Hotel.

Breakfast is simply divine. Every dietary need is taken care of, and you just want to stay there longer to enjoy each of the delights (including authentic regional products) that are carefully and carefully prepared in the restaurant’s kitchen. And speaking of a restaurant, Teleferic has one of the best in Poiana Brasov, so you don’t even have to go further.

 Click to see more accommodation options in Poiana Brasov

 Day 4 of the tour to visit Romania: Poiana Brasov – Marienburg Fortress (Feldioara) – Sighisoara

Today is the day to head to Sighisoara , one of the most exciting cities in all of Romania, and home of Transylvanian’s most famous inhabitant Vlad the Impaler.

On the way, enjoy and make a short stop in Feldioara to see Marienburg’s newly recovered Teutonic fortress.

teutonic fortress of Marienburg
Marienburg Teutonic Fortress

Once in Sighisoara, get ready to travel back in time, as this UNESCO-listed city has one of the best preserved medieval citadels in all of Europe .

Going leisurely through the chased streets and cobbled streets, letting time slip on one of the esplanades of its colorful squares is simply delicious. Believe it will be one of the most remarkable moments of this script of Romania.


As far as monuments are concerned, be sure to climb the impressive Clock Tower, visit Dracula’s (forgiveness, Vlad) home, the City Hall building, the Dominican Monastery church and the towering Hill Church.

 Where to Stay in Sighisoara – Accommodation Suggestions

The Casa cu Cerb is our ideal place to stay in Sighisoara. More central is virtually impossible. The Casa cu Cerb is in the central square of Sighisoara Citadel one of its most historic buildings. The comfort of the rooms is superb, ensuring the best nights rest you can wish for. The breakfast is also very good.

The Pension am Schneiderturm is a boutique hotel with a touch of medieval inn. The restoration of the eighteenth century house and the furniture used in the decoration, is true to the time and history of the house. But because it is old, the comfort, services and amenities guarantee the demands of modern times. Staff go beyond the premise of welcoming, caress guests. And the breakfast is amazing, with delicacies coming directly from local producers. More than accommodation, Pension am Schneiderturm is an authentic experience in itself.

 Click to see more accommodation options in Sighisoara

 Day 5 of the itinerary to visit Romania: Sighisoara – Oradea

Today is the first major car journey of this route from Romania, as it will take about 5 hours to cover the 360 ​​km separating Sighisoara from Oradea.

Promenade along the Crișul River Repede – Oradea

But believe that you will be rewarded for the effort. Oradea is most likely Romania’s best kept secret and we believe it will blow you away with its lively streets and squares, bordered by colorful Art Nouveau buildings and their lovely green spaces.

Piata Unirii
Piata Unirii – Oradea

Because Oradea’s historic center is relatively compact, it is simply perfect to discover on foot. And after so many hours of driving you will know how to stretch your legs.

The must-see places and experiences not to be missed in Oradea are as follows:

  • Piata Unirii, one of Romania’s most beautiful squares surrounded by true architectural pearls
  • Take your time on the vibrant Calea Republicii pedestrian street, Oradea’s most vibrant pedestrian street
  • Enjoy the grandeur of the eclectic Ferdinand Square, home to the city’s largest theater
  • Climb the City Hall Tower to enjoy the best panoramic city views
  • Walk on the promenades along the Crișul River
  • Surround with verdant freshness in the 1st of December Park
  • Go back 1000 years in time within the walls of Oradea Fortress
  • Be dazzled by the sumptuous Catholic Cathedral and Episcopal Palace
  • Enjoy the sublime interior painting of the Moon Church, which took 40 years to complete
  • Understand the relevance of the Jewish community in the Neologian Synagogue of Zion.

 Where to Stay in Oradea – Accommodation Suggestions

Start the mornings full with the excellent buffet breakfast at Double Tree by Hilton Oradea . Located on the bank of the Crişul Repede River, a gentle 10-minute riverside stroll puts you in the center of Oradea. The indoor pool, spa and fitness center are of great quality and the reasons why Double Tree by Hilton Oradea attracts so many guests. We can assure you that a sauna and massage session at the eforea spa relieves all stress. Comfort and convenience, modern décor and refinement come together in bright, spacious and clean rooms, some with river views.

The Ramada Oradea is superb for a stay of pure relaxation and pleasure in Oradea. You will be surprised that the services and amenities of this 4-star hotel are of the highest quality and rigor. Fabulous rooms where technology serves comfort, with eco-friendly amenities. But the Ramada offers you more surprises. The Riserva spa, Romania’s first rooftop wine spa (stupendous panoramic views!) At the Ramada is the true quintessence of vinotherapy. At Steak-Hub restaurant, aged meat is the queen of the gourmet menu accompanied by a fine wine list.

 Click to see more accommodation options in Oradea

 Day 6 of the itinerary to visit Romania: Oradea

On your first day in Oradea you will be unable to visit all the places of interest, so take the morning to see all the places you still need to know.

Vadu Crisului © Tudor Maxim

For the afternoon we have a number of proposals to choose from according to your interests:

  • If you like nature , enjoy Oradea’s superb location and set out to discover the Padurea Craiului Mountains. Among the many activities you can do include rafting or kayaking on the Crișul Repede River. Get the right to see one of Romania’s most beautiful waterfalls, the Vadu Crișului Waterfall. Add trekking on Vadu Crisului’s Via Ferrata in the impressive Crișului Gorge. We have rafted with Master Adventure and recommend it without hesitation.
  • If you are in for a relaxing break (and by this time you deserve it), we recommend the Hilton Hotel spa, which you can go to (for a fee) even if you are not staying there. It has a heated pool, sauna, jacuzzi, therapeutic baths and a number of massages and treatments to choose from. We loved the experience.
  • If you travel with children and the weather is right, they will love the Nymphaea Aquapark, which brings together games and water games, bathing and diving in one of the largest aquapark in Europe. It’s fun for the whole family.
Double Tree by Hilton Oradea eforea Spa

VagaWorlds Tip: Oradea is located right next to the Hungarian border (10 km). So if you have a few extra days, you can take a break there. For example, Hungary’s second largest city, Debrecen, is just 80 km from Oradea and has plenty to see and do. Budapest is already 300 km away, so a daytrip is out of the question.

 Day 7 of the itinerary to visit Romania: Oradea – Timisoara

On the seventh day of the Romanian roadmap it is time to leave Transylvania behind and head to Banat province . Despite changing provinces, today’s trip is short, so you’ll have virtually all day to explore Timisoara , the city where the Romanian Revolution began in 1989 and which will be one of the European Capitals of Culture in 2021.

Piata Unirii – Timisoara

Timisoara is a true multiethnic city. Here, in addition to the Romanians, there are large Hungarian, German and Serbian communities and this melting pot is reflected in its rich cultural heritage.

In fact, Timisoara has everything we like in a city. A historic center full of attractions but perfectly sized for exploring on foot, colorful and lively streets and squares, fantastic cultural surroundings, monumental buildings, delicious cuisine, romantic canals and gardens that invite long afternoon strolls.

Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral

Among the many things you can see and do in Timisoara include:

  • Piata Libertatii (Liberty Square)
  • Piata Victoriei (Victory Square)
  • Piata Unirii (Union Square) – our favorite square in Timisoara and where on Sunday afternoons you can see the rendering of the staged guard
  • Hungarian Reform Church where the Romanian Revolution began
  • The Three Cathedrals: Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral, St. George’s Catholic Cathedral and Serbian Orthodox Cathedral
  • art Museum
  • Romanian Revolution Museum
  • Opera House
  • Theresia Bastion
  • Rose Garden
  • Tram Ride
  • Bega River Canal Boat Trip
  • Explore the Old Fabric Workers Quarter

Gastronomic Tips: For those who are good fork, Timisoara is a true paradise. If you want to try authentic Banat dishes with grandma’s recipes, be sure to have lunch or dinner at the Casa Bunicii restaurant . If you’re in for a grill and good beer, we recommend Beraria 700 , a true gastronomic institution in Timisoara.Wave Tip Worlds: The charming Novi Sad in neighboring Serbia will be the second of the 2021 Timisoara European Capitals of Culture (the third will be Elefsina in Greece) and the distance separating it from Timisoara is only 140 km. So if you have a couple of extra days, visit one of the most beautiful cities in Serbia.

 Where to Stay in Timisoara – Accommodation Suggestions

Our top pick for accommodation in Timisoara goes to the brand new Hotel del Corso . This 4-star hotel has not neglected any detail for stays where comfort, well-being and rest are guaranteed.

It all starts at the reception: five star sympathy is the watchword. One of the aspects that stands out is the decoration where elegance and good taste give the intimate atmosphere of all spaces. Signature decorative pieces give each room an individual decor with a touch of sophistication. The rooms are superb: acclimatized, soundproofed, spacious and exquisitely clean.

We had the best nights rest in the comfortable king-size bed and even the lighting contributed to it. The Hotel del Corso is pure charm! The buffet breakfast is very good, and served at its own restaurant, Argentinian, the only Argentinian restaurant in all of western Romania. It also offers a sauna, jacuzzi, fitness center and a super nice terrace. Located in a very quiet and peaceful area on the edge of the center, just take the electric chalet right outside the door, and in two stops is in the center.

Within the good value hotels we also suggest the NH Timisoara . The services and amenities of this 4-star hotel are guaranteed by attentive and helpful staff. It is practically integrated in a city park, Regina Maria Park a favorite of locals. It offers a mini gym, a wellness center and sauna, and free private parking, which is a plus on a Romania roadtrip.

 Click to see more accommodation options in Timisoara

 Day 8 of the itinerary to visit Romania – Timisoara – Corvino Castle, Hunedoara – Sibiu

Enjoy the morning to continue visiting Timisoara and at the end of lunch head once again to Transylvania, specifically Sibiu, which is about 270 km from Timisoara.

Corvino Castle

Along the way, be sure to stop in Hunedoara to visit Corvino Castle , one of Romania’s most spectacular castles. Believe that this beautifully restored fairy-tale castle will be one of the highlights of your Romanian tour.

You should arrive in Sibiu by the end of the day, so take a break from your trip and leave the city for the next day.

 Where to Stay in Sibiu – Accommodation Suggestions

The Vila Bohemia is a guest house with a classic decorative touch marked by elegance and good taste making each room a unique space. Located less than 10 minutes’ walk from Ponte das Mentiras, the accommodation unit is brand new and is based on a 4-star service that does not sin. It offers super clean and spacious en suite rooms, each with a seating area. The landscaped terrace is a charm, great for enjoying the simply fantastic breakfast.

Levoslav is one of guests’ favorite 4 star hotels. Slovak composer’s 19th century house has been renovated to make room for a hotel that combines historic charm with modern decorations. Perfect location for exploring Sibiu’s historic center. Rooms with modern amenities, comfortable and super clean, where your rest will be guaranteed. The hotel offers a fitness center and free private parking.

 Day 9 of the itinerary to visit Romania – Sibiu

The penultimate day of Romania’s itinerary is all about exploring Sibiu , which was European Capital of Culture in 2007, and is now one of Romania’s hottest cities, having even been voted by Forbes as one of the 10 most idyllic places in Romania. Europe to live.

Sibiu view from Turnul Sfatului

Of course these prizes are worth what they are worth, but the truth is that Sibiu has a spectacular setting, with the majestic Carpathian mountains in the background, and the historic center, which has a huge Saxon heritage, is beautifully restored.

You really enjoy wandering the streets and alleys of Sibiu calmly enjoying the wonderful, photogenic, old-fashioned houses or simply watching life go by on one of the terraces of its lively squares.

Bridge of Lies
Bridge of Lies – Sibiu

The must-see places in Sibiu are as follows:

  • Piața Mare and Piața Mică (Big Square and Little Square)
  • Climb the tower Turnul Sfatului (Council Tower) for the best view over Sibiu
  • Sibiu Lutheran Cathedral, one of Transylvania’s largest Gothic churches
  • Brukenthal National Museum
  • Holy Trinity Cathedral
  • Walk the ever-lively pedestrian street Strada Nicolae Balcescu
  • Wander the alleys of the lower town, where traders and artisans lived, enjoying their rustic houses and lovely little squares
  • Walk the Stairs Walkway, which connects the lower city with the upper city
  • Bridge of Lies, Romania’s oldest iron bridge and Sibiu’s most untouchable place. Legend has it that the bridge will collapse if someone who sits on it tells a lie. By yes by no, it is better not to risk it!

 Day 10 of the itinerary to visit Romania: Sibiu – Transfagarasan Road – Bucharest

Romania’s roadmap is almost over and to close it in style today it will take Romania’s most brutal road and one of the most iconic in the world.

Transfagarasan Road

We are talking about the legendary Transfagarasan Road , a true paradise for lovers of high mountain passes and great curves.

Transfagarasan connects Transylvania to Wallachia province through a series of five tunnels, 27 viaducts and 831 small bridges. The road is about 100 km long and reaches an altitude of 2,042 meters. Needless to say, you will be gifted with breathtaking landscapes on this authentic cloud path.

Balea Glacier Lake
Balea Glacier Lake

In our opinion the main attractions of Transfagarasan are the Monastery of Curtea de Arges, Poenario Castle (where Vlad lived), the Vidraru lake, the Balea waterfall and the splendid Balea glacier lake, the starting point for many walks in the mountains. Fagaras Mountains and where you can go boating in the summer.

 Important information about Transfagarasan Road

As Transfagarasan Road is a high mountain pass, it is usually only open between May and October. Unless you go even in summer, it is best to confirm that the road is open with the authorities or the tourist office of Sibiu.

 Other Places of Interest to Visit in Romania 

Painted Monasteries of Bucovina – Moldova

Sucevita Monastery

Bucovina Painted Monasteries in the province of Moldova are one of Romania’s greatest treasures. Its exterior walls are exquisitely painted with elaborate frescoes from the 15th and 16th centuries, depicting countless biblical scenes, images of angels and demons, heaven and hell. Among the most impressive are the Moldovita Monastery, the Arbore Monastery, the Sucevita Monastery and the Humor Monastery.

Danube Delta

Danube Delta

The Danube Delta offers nature lovers and birdwatchers delights with its lakes, dunes and chased fishing villages. If you plan a discovery aboard a boat, the experience will be unforgettable.

Black Sea

Black Sea

If you need a few days of beach to relax after your Romania tour, head to the Black Sea coast and enjoy its paradisiacal beaches, including the beautiful golden beach of Mamaia. Enjoy and make a stop at Constanta, Romania’s main port city.

Roadmap to visit Romania | Roadtrip

Click to enlarge map route to visit Romania

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