5 reasons to visit Romania in case you need a reason to visit

5 reasons to visit Romania in case you need a reason to visit

Not many travellers venture to Romania. And I admit that until recently, I had struggled when friends and colleagues abroad wanted to know more about Romania. This is my home, I live here and spend my time looking forward to my next trips, hoping for adventures and unchartered territories. I am fully immersed in my life here, and that was enough; I saw no reason to search for wonder or the unexpected.

Quite recently I realized that like every person, every land has something different and special to offer. As long as you know where to look. So, why should you visit Romania? I found 5 reasons to visit, this is what makes Romania different from other countries. So, if you decide to plan an exotic trip, or not, you have some alternatives available and Romania is a good choice if you want to enjoy the following.

Come to Romania, if you want to…

  1. Experience delicious food

Romanian cuisine is a paradise for comfort and hearty food lovers. The ingredients are not exotic but are defined by simplicity and quality. Here you will find organic fruits and vegetables widely available and affordable. Only in Romania, you will taste țuică, a plum brandy speciality, and delicious and popular dishes like sarmale, mămăligă, mititei, ciorbă and papanași.


  1. Experience legends and myths

I have always been fascinated by our national legends and folklore. In Romania, storytelling is a tradition and a way of life. The countryside reveals spectacular castles and palaces from different periods. You will be charmed by the exquisite Peleș Castle, thrilled by Bran Castle, the most recognizable Romanian icon, and you will be amazed by the gothic Corvin Castle. Visiting them you will have the chance to hear great stories and legends about historical figures or fantastic creatures like Sanziene or Count Dracula.


  1. Experience traditions, hospitality and faith

Romania will warmly welcome you to meet its essence: genuine, happy and hardworking people. Here you will get to know an important part of the Romanian way of life by experiencing customs and traditions. You will have access to a rich and fascinating universe of Christian celebrations entangled with ancient superstitions.

Come to Romania to be fascinated by the Căluș, a ritual dance from the south or the colourful traditions of the north, Maramureș. And do not overlook the churches, the most beautiful and iconic places where the faith, creativity and hope of the Romanian people meet.

Budești, Maramureș

  1. Experience beautiful and pristine nature

The tourists who found the courage to explore Romania want to come back. You will be impressed by the different scenery it has to offer: sea, mountains, vineyards and golden fields of wheat, beautiful lakes, mysterious and spectacular caves, a unique delta and amazing wildlife. Cross the plains of the south toward the wild Carpathian mountains and smooth hills of Transylvania and immerse yourself in the stillness of time.

Iezer, Rodnei

  1. Experience craftsmanship and folk art

My favourite Romanian artefacts are Ia (the traditional peasant blouse), woodcarvings from Maramureșand Romanian ceramics: Horezu and MargineaIa, the Romanian Peasant Blouse is a representative piece of Romanian folklore which has inspired international designers such as Tom Ford or Jean Paul Gaultier. While the wood culture in the north is impressive and rich in symbols, Horezu Ceramics are included on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List.


That was my top 5. What’s yours? Let us know in the comments.

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