What to see in Transylvania in Romania (in addition to the Castle of Dracula)

What to see in Transylvania in Romania (in addition to the Castle of Dracula)

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What to see in Transylvania in Romania (in addition to the Castle of Dracula)


What to see in Transylvania during a vacation in Romania , among castles, forests and cities of irresistible and ancient charm.

How to get to Transylvania

The most convenient and convenient way to get to Transylvania is to land at Bucharest airport , to which there are many low-cost flights departing from Italy.

The next step will be to rent a car at the Otopeni airport in Bucharest and from there drive to Transylvania, a fascinating Romanian region in the center of the country.

If you have some time, I suggest you visit Bucharest too. Here are some of the most interesting walking tours to do in the city .

And those who love relaxation, can not miss the appointment with the beautiful spa in Bucharest .

To get to Brasov , from which I advise you to start the Transylvania tour , it takes about 2 and a half hours by car.

Alternatively, if you have many days available, you may also choose to drive directly from Italy to Transylvania but it is certainly much longer and more tiring.

What to see in Transylvania

The name Transilvania derives from the Latin “trans e silva”, that is beyond the forest, the forest.

The detail that immediately struck me about this land is its enormous green surface and the dense forests that line roads and cities.

I was in Transylvania both in November for Halloween and in July and I must say that in both seasons it has its charm, gloomy and spooky in winter, colorful and lively in summer.

Here are some steps not to be missed during a vacation in Transylvania for a 4/5 day itinerary .


Brasov is one of the pearls of Transylvania, which stands practically in the mountains. After Bucharest, it is the capital of tourism in Romania.

what to see in Brasov Transylvania

Do not miss the old city , with the solemn Black Church , founded in 1377 and completed in 100 years.

First it was Catholic, then Protestant, After the great fire that struck the city, the church was also burned and from there it was called Black Church, black church.

Stroll through the colorful streets of the center and walk along the green Cittadella , from which you have a privileged view of the city.

center of Brasov Transylvania

If you already miss Italy before diving into Romanian cuisine, try the Italian restaurant Cucinino , located in the city center.

Where to sleep in Brasov

If you like them like mountain hotels , cozy and all in wood, drive up to the mountainous Poiana Brasov , one of the most chic areas, where the ski slopes are also located .

Here you will find the beautiful 4-star Teleferic Grand Hotel with restaurant and spa.

Where to eat in Brasov

Do you want to take a break in the open air where you can taste the typical Romanian home-made dishes in a warm and welcoming environment that does so much a “Christmas holiday”?

Tourist Stana Sergiana , in Poiana Brasov, is a restaurant, with tables also outdoors, totally in the midst of fields and hills. The wood interior gives it a beautiful warm mountain atmosphere .

where to eat in Brasov
Sergiana Tourist Stana

The cuisine is based on meat, polenta, cheeses and cold cuts from the area.


From there also the tourist buses depart that in 40 minutes lead to Bran Castle . Great idea, especially if you have gone too far with the palinka and cannot drive

Bran and Dracula’s Castle

About a half-hour drive from Brasov is the center of Bran, where the world-famous Dracula Castle stands , where the famous vampire is thought to have lived and one of the most visited attractions in Transylvania .

The center is very touristic as you will notice immediately by the invasion of coaches and souvenir stalls.

The castle externally is perched on a rocky mass in a really suggestive position.

Bran Dracula castle

I recommend you pay us a visit, especially if you are passionate about the stories of the famous Vlad The Impaler and want to get a taste of the land of vampires.

If you intend to spend Halloween in Transylvania , know that inside the castle are organized masquerades.

For many other Dracula and vampire theme tour proposals, take a look here at the Transylvania tour suggestions .


Definitely less touristy than Brasov but no less interesting is Rasnov. Here as well as in Brasov, the Hollywood style writing stands out with the name of the city at the top of the mountain.

Worth seeing in Rasnov is the fortified Citadel , located on the top of the city hill. You can reach it by taking a fairly challenging journey uphill or by a small train.

Castle of the Corvino, Hunedoara

Staying on the subject of castles in Transylvania, I absolutely recommend the Corvino castle, in Hunedoara.

In Gothic style, it is considered one of the most beautiful in Romania and I must say that it is really of great impact, both externally and internally.

what to see in Transylvania

It is thought that this castle is the place where Vlad The Impaler (the character to whom Count Dracula is inspired) was held prisoner by Mattia Corvino for the seven years following his capture in 1462.

Corvin Castle Transylvania


Sighisoara was perhaps for me the most beautiful discovery among the things to see in Transylvania . Its medieval citadel, one of the most inaccessible, is said to have never been conquered.

Inside the walls there is a beautiful medieval center made of pastel colored houses , flowers and towers.

what to see in Sighisoara

Here the last weekend of July there is a medieval festival , for fans of the genre and beyond.

The center seems to come straight out of a fairy tale, yet right here it is said that there is the birthplace of the bloody Dracula.

center of Sighisoara Transylvania

Strange fact, because it seems that in reality the author of the novel, Bram Stocker, has never even visited Transylvania.

Where to eat near Sighisoara

If you want to taste the typical products of Transylvania in a simple and homey environment, I give you a treat: the organic Topa farm , practically in the midst of golden wheat fields.

It is a real family-run farm where typical local products are sold: cheeses, cured meats, vegetables from the garden, honey, wine.

where to eat typical Transylvanian products

On request, however, you can contact the property and arrange for a nice outdoor lunch at zero distance.


Unlike Brasov or Sighisoara, I had never heard of the city of Oradea, in Transylvania, before.

What immediately catches one’s eye is the diversity of architectural styles , due to the cultural and social mix that has developed over the years.

I found it a very beautiful city, clean, well-kept and elegant , with many pedestrian areas.

There are some art nouveau buildings with beautiful facades of wonderful colors (the green tiffany was beautiful and not surprisingly super instagrammata).

art nouveau buildings Oradea

Visit the central Piazza Uniri, where there is the black Eagle Palace , a small version of Milan’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and the pedestrian center with its beautiful buildings.

what to see in Oradea

The Catholic Cathedral of Oradea , in Italian Baroque style, is also very interesting .

Don’t miss the synagogue , once the largest in the country, now used for events and concerts.

Oradea synagogue

The interiors are a work of art. The Bishop Palace and the Fortress of Oradea are also interesting .

If you are in Transylvania in the summer and want to relax a bit between pools and sun, make a stop at the Acquapark Nymphaea , just minutes from the center.

aquapark Nymphaea Oradea

Here there are swimming pools, slides, both for adults and children, solarium area and a beautiful spa with thermal water pools , sauna, Turkish bath and relaxation areas.

Where to eat in Oradea


Especially meat-based restaurant (as the name suggests immediately) but also with vegetarian and pizza choices.


Nice restaurant on the river with an elegant and refined environment

On the road to Timisoara , in the midst of colorful sunflower fields, in Salonta , you will find a restaurant on a pond with swans, a marine theme.

It’s called “Ancora” , unfortunately I had no way and time to try it but location is so pleasant that if you can make a leap, it’s worth it already.

where to eat in Transylvania

Where to sleep in Transylvania in Oradea

To sleep in Oradea I recommend the Ramada Hotel , with spa, wine cellar, gym and restaurant.

Search here for the best offers!

Targu Mures

Finally, among the things to see in Romania , on the way back to Bucharest, stop off in Targu Mures, known as “the city of roses”.

From the fact that almost half of the population is of Hungarian origin, one immediately notices that the city was for a long time part of the Kingdom of Hungary. Here in fact the two cultures coexist, Romanian and Hungarian.

If you are looking to sleep in Targu Mures, I recommend the Continental Tirgu Mures , in the city center.

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