Why should you visit Romania?

Why should you visit Romania?

Raluca from #experienceRomania dared me to write this article about why you should visit Romania.(#experienceRomania is a tour for international bloggers so that they discover the beauty of Romania) The first 3 reasons that came into my mind are:
1. Wild Carpathia 2. Beautiful Women 3. Fun and funny people

Because we have a bit of everything, for those who want to relax at the seaside we have one of the biggest and most beautiful beaches, for those urban explorers we have beautiful cities full of history and special architectural details, for the hiking lovers, the Carpathian mountains are well known for the beautiful trails and breath-taking views, for those who want to have fun we have festivals, parties and funny and sociable people.

Why did I visit Romania? Because I like discovering new places, discovering and rediscovering them to see what stayed the same or if anything changed. I admit that I have on my wish list many places in Romania that I didn’t visit yet, but the places I did visit made me give them instant and repeatedly like + fave + love. At what experiences I gave repeat/ replay?

+ going at the mountains, I have been many times in the Bucegi Mountains, I enjoyed a cake in Sinaia, I climbed on a trail at Cota 2000 and I went skying at Moeciu.

Bran Castle at sunset

+ taking a bath in the Black Sea in the summer months when the water temperature is warm as soup.

+ going on a yacht cruise in the Mangalia- Olimp area (visit mariata.ro)

+ taking long walks wandering without purpose or in search of sights and just admiring all what my eyes could see in Constanta, Bucuresti, Sibiu, Timisoara, Iasi



+ discovering beautiful and stylish people on the street, at the mall or at events. (Visit urbnstyle.ro)

You must be patient when you start discovering Romania, patient, atentif and with a keen spirit of observation, it does’t all look like in the promotional materials but with an open mind and heart you will find what you are looking for.

We are waiting for you to come discover Romania!

Source : http://www.mariata.ro/2017/10/why-should-you-visit-romania.html

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